Friday, November 5, 2010

High and Dry - Squids and Cuttlefish and seaside memories


So I've been away for far too long! It's been work, work, work. Oh, but I do love my work. Given a choice between blogging and work, I choose work. Sometimes. OK, most of the time.

Oh, I did say I write for a living right.

Anyway, so I've wanted to put this picture up for the longest time. I've just come back from the supermarket where it was taken, ages and ages ago. It's amazing how there's always interesting stuff to be found at the supermarket these days. It used to be one only sees exotic food stuff at the outdoor market or the farmer's market. Well not anymore babe!

These are dried cuttlefish, from which yummy dishes can be made out. If you like like salty, (really) chewy stuff. 

For me, they are more like comfort food. 

Once upon a time ago, I used to go to the seaside a lot. (Eek, corny central - I know, who hasn't right). Anyway, it didn't matter what time of day it was. Swimming, eating, swimming, eating. Evenings were usually for the wonderful array of cooked over the fire kind of stuff (read eating, lol). 

Although every other person was barbecuing or stir-frying or deep-frying something, the area was never stuffy or smoky as there was the perpetual breeze from the sea. So the smells were never overwhelming. A whiff of salt one moment, barbecued chicken the next, charred squid the next. Oh yummmmmm... can you see me, in your mind's eye, closing my eyes, inhaling deeply, going back into that long ago time? Big smile. Sigh.

One of my favourite things to eat by that seaside was charred squid. It was fun even to see how it's prepared. After burning the poor (dead) thing to black, the vendor then uses a heavy iron hammer to beat the beejezus out of it till it's all white(-tish) again. You then stick it in your mouth while it's warm. Salty and so melts in your mouth! 

The memories! Gosh!

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