Thursday, May 20, 2010

Driving holiday in Malaysia - food tips


Traveling has become so easy. It must be. Right? Otherwise the Malaysian no-frills airline wouldn't say 'Now everyone can fly'! Right. Last year I flew all of 3 times. And none yet this year.

Anyway, I was at a travel agency one fine day. They had a very stylish display of reading material so I decided to check it out.

They were some very nice magazines but it was a little foldable brochure on driving holiday trips that caught my eye.

It was the chocolates (sic) and junk food on the list of essentials to bring on a driving trip that made me go whaaaat.

Why would I pack chocolate on a driving trip??

No.1  This is a tropical country. It can get really hot in the car. No.2 Chocolate melts. Unless they're M&Ms.  No.3 Bananas are healthier. And this is a tropical country? That makes them cheaper too.  Rastalis (my favourite banana variety) taste way better if one has to gorge on one thing. 

And that other essential. Junk food? Pardon me while I barf. I've never fancied any of that dried, sweetened, preserved stuff. 

Which reminds me of a family I saw on a picnic sometime ago. They were stuffing down bags of different varieties of chips; potato chips, different flavours. Wow. All three generations; grandmother, parents and children. All shoving down crisps and crackers. Grandma was passing out the bags too. My grandmother never fed me junk food. And I think junk food had existed back then!

My mother packed super delicious (and wholesome) food like sandwiches on picnics. And rice! Mmmmm. We'd have grilled fish too. Mmmm. Now that's food. :) We usually had 2 types of sandwiches. Egg sandwiches and sardine sandwiches. Mmmmmm. Now that's food. :)

Please don't pack chocolate or junk food on a driving trip. Pack bananas instead. And cookies. Okay, I do have one food vice. But only when I travel! Not just any cookies mind you though. Hazelnut cookies.