Friday, August 23, 2013

Pretzels Pretzels Pretzels (and a coffee. and a book. and. and. and.)

My first pretzels ever were the hard, tiny, salt encrusted ones. Just thinking about them now brings back those memories. Of munching on them while doing other things. Watching movies, chatting - actually more like giggling - into the night with bosom buddies, staring blankly at nothing in particular, crying over stupid things, thoroughly engrossed in a book and there's nothing else to chase away the hunger pangs, bundled up on the couch watching TV. I could say and the list goes on, but that's it. My list is short.

Recently, my fav coffee place offered something new - a pretzel! I'm always game for something new so I tried and fell in love. I looked up pretzels (on wikipedia, where else but) and was surprised to find out the range of pretzel versions out there. This one apparently is an Austrian version. It's yummy soft and goes extremely well with cream cheese on top and a cappuccino on the side. How can it be more perfect? A good book, a sunny with a whisper of a breeze type morning and a big shady tree to sit under. Perfect.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Teddy and Cappuccino (and latte)

The barista at this coffee place I now often go to (no, it's not a certain popular American coffee franchise - thank you very much) made this teddy on my cappuccino. Two thumbs up for a lovely way to brighten a morning! And the cappuccino is an indescribable yum. It's that good. And I don't need sugar with it either.

I wasn't a coffee drinker until about a few years ago when I met the most intriguing person ever. To me, he drank coffee the way I would describe the way the Scots drink - like a fish. I exaggerate of course, but I drank tea back then and didn't know anyone who drank coffee as much as he did. And he makes them with much fanfare too.

A cute little cafe machina to make coffee for two.
Water just at that level.
Coffee powder just that much. Don't let the coffee boil too long or it will burn.
And then before you pour into the two cups, stir the coffee to make sure it's properly mixed.
Now it's ready to pour into hot milk that contains a teaspoon of brown sugar.
 A bit into the first cup, then a bit into the second cup - continue like this until there isn't anymore coffee in the machina.
Stir and voila!
Two cups of delicious latte.

I became unashamedly addicted to coffee (I'm better about it these days). One in the morning, and another in the late afternoon. Everyday. And that was the first time I had sugar in years as well! Sugar had not been a part of my diet for close to 20 years.

And now.... it's time for a latte.....

Friday, July 5, 2013

oh coconut milk! oh hot chilli peppers! oh putrid soybeans!

First, my apologies for the less than stellar quality of the picture! Two things weren't in my favour at the time of picture snapping - time of day (early morning when the sun was still unsure about what kind of day it wanted today be) and the camera (mobile phone camera - ugh, I know, I better get back into the habit of toting my camera everywhere with me again!)

I had this (Lontong) for breakfast today - I found a place a 2 weeks ago which served lontong for breakfast - imagine my delight :)

Anyway, today's breakfast was at another place (a lucky find) - I had originally just wanted a warm lime juice drink to help a cough i developed from not sleeping 2 days in a row - serves me right, right?

Back to the topic of lontong for breakfast. The first time I had lontong was probably way back in 1992. I was immediately appalled by it. By the ingredients, or rather combination of ingredients.  Which were basically putrid soybeans (and assorted vegetables) boiled to almost mash in coconut milk, chilli and tumeric root. I wanted to puke that first time, but out of respect of the cook, I downed the whole thing with a grimace.

Fast forward some 20 odd years... aah, how some food are an acquired taste... I've become quite the fan of lontong - I love the coconutty, spicy flavour, that sweet and savoury smell of coconut milk, the sting of extra spicy bird chilli on the tongue together with the indescribable exotic sense of tumeric root. I even adore the slightly off taste of fermented soybeans (it's true name is TEMPEH by the way).

It's definitely not something I would eat every day though, or even every week! Maybe bimonthly. Yummm.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Pinch of Salt (Water) - Sweat, Tears or the Sea

Ms Dinesen was quite right when she said "The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears or the sea"

I don't mind being called sentimental. Or Emotional. Or Not professional. Or Corny even. Yes, I could shed tears at the drop of a hat. That's OK. Like Ms Dinesen says, they cure anything. That's what matters. When there is nothing else to be done, tears, for me, are therapeutic. An outlet for flushing out rage, sorrow, frustration over things I cannot help. And tears are not just for the bad stuff. Who hasn't laughed till tears stream out of their eyes? :)

Friday, May 10, 2013