Friday, December 17, 2010

Grilled Tomatoes

I'm all for adventure and carpe diem and all that, but ultimately I like regularity. Especially time spent with  family and loved ones.

I've been going to the same place for breakfast for some time now ~ maybe close to a year and a half?

And I love having grilled tomato for breakfast. I don't especially like their grilled tomato though - it's always underdone. And I've taken to reminding them to cook the tomato a bit more - results have been iffy.

So, the last time I was there (very recently) - they had a new guy and of course I asked for the usual stuff I ask for. And of course the new guy didn't understand. To cut a long story short, the older staff came over and took the order, usual instructions noted.

When the order arrived, I was slightly shocked and totally amused. The tomato was burnt almost to cinders.

It turned out to be not such a bad thing though. Blackened tomato is absolutely delicious! I'm asking that all my future tomatoes be done this way!! Haha. Mmmmmmm.

Pai Tee vs Taco


The first time I bit into a pai tee, I thought taco! Same idea after all ~ crunchy shell with filling.

Pai Tees are much smaller though. And while the taco is a meal, the pai tee is an appetizer. Fillings are usually thinly sliced vegetable either raw or lightly fried. Well I haven't yet come across other kinds - perhaps if I went on a Pai Tee odyssey I might!

The best pai tee I had were ones in Penang and the place that served them was so quaint. A little house on a slope with cute furniture. Eating was alfresco in a patio in front of the house. There's even a swing under a tree on one side of the patio. I wanted to sit there, but one couple was already and (selfishly) remained there the entire time I was at the place!