Sunday, July 14, 2013

Teddy and Cappuccino (and latte)

The barista at this coffee place I now often go to (no, it's not a certain popular American coffee franchise - thank you very much) made this teddy on my cappuccino. Two thumbs up for a lovely way to brighten a morning! And the cappuccino is an indescribable yum. It's that good. And I don't need sugar with it either.

I wasn't a coffee drinker until about a few years ago when I met the most intriguing person ever. To me, he drank coffee the way I would describe the way the Scots drink - like a fish. I exaggerate of course, but I drank tea back then and didn't know anyone who drank coffee as much as he did. And he makes them with much fanfare too.

A cute little cafe machina to make coffee for two.
Water just at that level.
Coffee powder just that much. Don't let the coffee boil too long or it will burn.
And then before you pour into the two cups, stir the coffee to make sure it's properly mixed.
Now it's ready to pour into hot milk that contains a teaspoon of brown sugar.
 A bit into the first cup, then a bit into the second cup - continue like this until there isn't anymore coffee in the machina.
Stir and voila!
Two cups of delicious latte.

I became unashamedly addicted to coffee (I'm better about it these days). One in the morning, and another in the late afternoon. Everyday. And that was the first time I had sugar in years as well! Sugar had not been a part of my diet for close to 20 years.

And now.... it's time for a latte.....

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