Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Comfort Food - Corned Beef Memories

Comfort food is great for the moments it brings back.

I had corned beef some time back and do so from time to time, when I feel a bit homesick. The best thing is the memories that come are not necessarily related to the same food.

The last time I had corned beef, I thought about my first long-haul flight.

I've lived away from home close to 30 years now. I can still remember the first time I left home for real. I mean REAL real. I flew 10,000 miles away. I'm small but the airplane seat I was in felt claustrophobic.

And I was chowing down into an omelette. Cheesy, gooey dribble down your chin omelette.  Or at least that's what my mind tells me.

That omelette might well have been my next seat neighbour's. Maybe it was his omelette and I was looking hungrily at it, wishing that's what I'd ordered instead some dry sandwich. That neighbour now lives in LA and yes, we still keep in touch. And that brings a smile to my face.

Can't wait to chow down on the next comfort food!

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  1. I completely know what you mean about memories of food. I so often remember an occasion by what I ate that day! I will be writing a post about comfort food and memory soon too. Really like your blog thanks!


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