Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shake it Baby

When I make shakes, it's usually because the fruit has gone too soft and yucky to eat au naturel. Not always though. Sometimes, it's a phase I go through. Sometimes I want to put on weight, yes load on those kgs. It can be a painful exercise. No pain, no gain as the saying goes, right.

Anyway, recently, in the latest (it seems so far) unsuccessful bid to fatten up, I have been making avocado shakes, sometimes mango shakes. I tried to subscribe the equation of calories intake versus calorie used up, but in my case, it seems my metabolic rate is my ultimate determinor (that's not a word, I know, but I can't think of the right word right now) of my weight. It seems that when I consume more calories, the metabolic engine kicks in and takes it up a matching notch!! At one point, I was adding ice-cream to my shakes and that was just breakfast. Alas, to no avail!

Sometimes, it's what catches your fancy when you're out.  The chocolate and avocado shake in the pic is one such occasion. That was when I was in Bungus Beach waaaaay back in 2009 with a girlfriend.

Yesterday was such an occasion as well. I was out in town with a friend and he wanted fruit juice from a stand he had seen earlier. I tried a shake I'd never had before;a mango/starfruit combo and he; a mango/dragonfruit combo.   The verdict - I like the contrasting tastes and textures of the two fruits of my choice but appearance-wise, dragonfruit and mango is much easier to make pretty.

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