Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gaga Over Coffee


I had my first coffee only in my late teens. 

Coffee drinking was (and still is) strictly an adults only activity in my family. But this was an exception. It was one of those cold sensation numbing fall days which only a hot drink could remedy. I'd run to the vending machine in the class hallway but there was no more hot chocolate. Only coffee! Aargh. So what's a non-coffee drinking person to do but right?

I can't remember the specific day or time; I only distinctly remember thinking 'wow, this is bitter'.  (Come to think of it, no wonder that's all that was left). And no, it didn't turn out to be a 'and as they say, the rest is history' kind of thing.  I continued drinking coffee after that fateful day, although again more out of necessity than passion and quit after college, sticking to Milos and teas for years after.

In the last few years though, I've rediscovered coffee (re: the kind in the pic above, exotic sounding names, nice (ceramic or china, no styrofoams please) cups and all). And love it. Especially so in the last one and a half years :)

Plus I derive comfort from these little nuggets of information gleaned from the internet, which I happily cut and paste and (hopefully accurately) paraphrase  from  Positively Coffee.

1. Coffee does not have any substantial effect on the risk of cancer of either the pancreas or of the kidney. (yay!)

2. Drinking coffee is not a causal factor in the development of cancer at any body site. (double yay!)

3. Drinking coffee may be protective in relation to liver, lower bowel and ovarian cancer as well as against the development of Type II diabetes. (yaay!)

4. A cup of coffee may help increase performance as well as exercise for longer before exhaustion. (woohoo!)

5. Moderate coffee drinking contributes to one's daily fluid intake, essential to both well trained and recreational sports men and women. (yayyy!)

6. Drinkers of more than 3 cups of coffee a day show lower levels of some liver enzymes in the blood than drinkers of less than 3 cups per day and in those non coffee drinking individuals. (woohoo!)

7. Research shows an inverse relationship between coffee drinking and the development of Parkinson's, with the exception of women undergoing hormone therapy. (woohoo!)

8. Moderate coffee consumption (2 regular cups of coffee according to UK Foods Standard Agency) among women trying to conceive, during pregnancy or whilst breast feeding is perfectly safe. (yay!)

9.  Moderate amounts of caffeine significantly improve alertness in sleepy subjects. (It is well documented that stopping for a caffeine containing drink, such as a cup or two of coffee, and a short nap are the most effective counter measures for alleviating driver fatigue) (triple YAY!)

And they say this too on the same site; 
"It is clear that for the majority of healthy adults coffee can be enjoyed in moderation (4 to 5 regular size cups a day) helping maintain important body fluid levels as well as increasing alertness; and keeping us going throughout the day."

So. I'm healthy. I'm an adult. And if it's on the net, it must apply to me too... musn't it????

Still, much as it is heartening to know how wonderful coffee is for my health, I still much prefer tea. It's just a family, tradition, habit kind of thing....


  1. I only limit myself to one cup of caffeinated coffee then the rest is decaf. I don't need the stimulant as much, I just love the taste. But knowing that it has also benefits makes it more wonderful.

    By the way, thanks for the visit. I haven't blogged for awhile now & trying to get back. :)

  2. We just bought a French Press; the ONLY way to make coffee!

    Aloha from Honolulu :)

    Comfort Spiral

  3. Aloha Cloudia!
    I have to admit, I had to ask a friend what a french press was, and then I had to image google it! lol
    That looks like an interesting way to make coffee but I must say I have developed an affinity for coffee made with the Italian coffee maker. It's also the process involved; from the filling up with the right amount of water, to measuring in the coffee powder, waiting for it to boil, the stirring etc that I have grown very fond of! I also add cardamom to my coffee. Mmmmm. The aroma! Double mmmm!

  4. I can't wake up without my morning coffee. I've never been much of a hot tea drinker, but I do like it on a chilly winter night.

  5. Welcome back Shey! :)

    Tracy, when you say that, it dawned on me what the two do for me. Coffee is great for waking me up in the mornings, and keeping me going in the late afternoons. Whereas I love tea as 'comfort food'!

  6. Those look SO good. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but those look like they could convert me.

  7. cardamom, cool! And cinnamon sometimes :)

  8. Allloooo...been a while since I dropped by here...not forgetting you ah...:D...and yes I'm sticking to my ice lemon tea or lemon teh ping as we called it here...hope it is still not too late to say...Salam Ramadhan...:)

  9. Ciao cara louise....fantastic pics of coffee and fabulous your text with it....great!!!!!!

    You know that Italians couldn't live without coffee, right??????

    ciao ciao elvira

  10. Salaam Sayang Ton and Salaam Ramadhan!

    Ciao Cara Elvira, yes, I had the privilege to discover that! And Illy as well. mmmmmm :)


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