Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot and spicy - when green means fire


A big segment of Malaysians (well Asians for that matter) love, I mean LOVE their food hot. 

I am no different. I love my food hot but I prefer to have control over the degree of hot as opposed to having them done hot. So chili on the side, in a little dish, is, in my opinion, a brilliant idea! The ones in the picture are fresh ones, but sometimes they come pickled as well. Hot and sour. Yumm!

Someone I know remarked that we Asians have a thing for pain. If it has anything to do with food, I say bring it on! Lol.

Unlike Jane, hot shouldn't be plain. Good thing there are many (simple) ways to add interesting details.

Add light soya sauce for a little saltiness. Ta Daa. Hot and salty.

Or if you have a sweet tooth, add dark sweet soya sauce. Ta Daa. Hot and sweet.

Squeeze some lime juice for a wonderful zing to the soya sauce-chili combination. Ta Daa. Tangy, hot and salty or sweet.


Oh, before I forget. There is chili and there is chili. The green ones in the picture are the extra-hot-burn-your-tongue variety. Locally, in English, they're known as bird chili. Not everyone is familiar with that name though. Try 'chili padi' and you're all set. Lol. Even the green ones set your mouth and lips (or any part of your skin that comes in contact with it) on fire! You have been warned. Lol.

The larger (even when red) ones are extremely mild besides these little fiery bullets. Lol.

I use a lot of lol's in this post.  It's a reaction to hot.  Lol.


  1. Lol...I'm all game when it comes to hot late mum used to make sambal belacan that we dubbed "racun"...sometimes I could not feel my lips...Lol (contagious bah your Lol)...but not eating them raw like that...that's hubby fav...he would asked for his "lada potong" whenever we eat out...:)

  2. Lol! Killer sambals! I love those!

    Let me translate for the benefit of non-Malay speaker readers :

    "sambal belacan" = chili+shrimp paste+lime juice mix; pounded to a pulp, extremely hot and an excellent accompaniment to most Asian dishes

    "racun" = poison

    "lada potong" = sliced chili

  3. You are HOT!

    Aloha from Hawaii, friend :)

    Comfort Spiral

  4. Love it when Cloudia said.. you are hot..LOL.. hahaha, can't stand chile Louise ... there are other malaysian food that are not too hot, i might settle with it.. hahaha..

    by the way I also have a food blog, it is still baby, hope you can drop by Table for Five

  5. hugs Cloudia and Vernz! Aloha and Mabuhay!

    That's a nice food blog you have there Vernz, the pictures are great.

  6. a Texan, I really know (and love) HOT!!!

  7. Hi Melissa B! Yaaay!

    I lived in Texas for a while and I lived on chips and HOT pace picante!!


  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh Louise...I lovethe food HOT too........; I miss the HOT TOUCH in Tuscan's food; as good it is...a touch of spicy........!!!!

    Wonderful writing, carissima.........when do you finish YOUR BOOK..............?????

    Tantissimi saluti ed abbracci, elvira


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